WordPress: What is it? And can it make me money?

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What is WordPress

At a foundational level, WordPress is a CMS (Content management system) that is considered to be the most popular way to build websites without ever writing a line of code. In fact, it is so popular that over 43% of the entire web runs on it 😱

On a more technical note, WordPress is an open-sourced software that is freely distributed on the web and allows anyone to modify it to their heart’s content. This freedom and flexibility allowed WordPress to become the operating system of many websites, websites such as whitehouse.gov, Adobe, Sony, and many other giant corporations that love the fact that WordPress is free.


What sort of websites can you build using WordPress?

When WordPress was first introduced back in the early 2000s, it was a tool that was used primarily for blogging, but as time went on and WordPress matured, it has become a powerful tool that helps individuals and companies to create all sorts of websites ranging from simple blogs all the way to powerful eCommerce websites.

Fun fact, WordPress also owns WooCommerce, which makes WordPress the most popular way to build online stores as well!! Besides creating blogs and powerful eCommerce websites, WordPress helps you create other types of websites such as:

  • Business Websites
  • Portfolios
  • Resumes
  • Forums
  • Social networks
  • Membership sites

WordPress.org vs WordPress.com

By now, I am sure you have noticed that there are two versions of WordPress, WordPress.com, and WordPress.org. The main difference between the two is the way you choose to host WordPress.

  • WordPress.org a.k.a. self-hosted WordPress, is the open soruce alternative that is free to use as you please and runs on any machine that meets the bare minimum requirements. 
  • WordPress.com is the hosted version that is owned and maintained by Automattic, the company that created WordPress. If you choose to go with WordPress.com, know that even though everything is taken care of for you, you will lose the flexibility that WordPress.org offers.  

Regardless of which way you go, know that when people talk about WordPress, they are most likely talking about WordPress.org. If you truly want to run the show and build a successful website, I highly recommend going with the WordPress.org route. 

Who uses WordPress?

As stated before, WordPress is used by all sorts of individuals and corporations of different sizes and niches. Fun fact, the site you are reading this article on is actually powered by WordPress as well!

Adobe Blogs

Adobe uses WordPress to run all of its blogs.

Adobe blog homepage


The official whitehouse.gov uses WordPress to power the entire website which just validates how powerful WordPress truly is.

Whitehouse.gov homepage


If you are anyone that lives on planet earth, I am sure you have seen an article or two from TechCrunch. One of the biggest tech blogs on the planet.

Techcrunch homepage

The Walt Disney

The company that gave us all great childhood memories also uses WordPress to power its corporate website.

The Walt Disney Homepage


Facebook uses WordPress to power its newsroom website.

Meta homepage

Snoop Dogg

The famous American rapper, singer-songwriter, record producer, and actor, Calvin Cordozar Broadus, Jr, a.k.a Snoop Dogg also uses WordPress to power his site.

Snoop Dogg Website Homepage

Why Should You Use WordPress?

Because I said so, obviously 😂 But jokes aside, there is plenty of reason why you should use WordPress when you are building a website. Not to mention, but over 43% of web chose to use WordPress as their primary tool to build a website so how bad can it be?

If you need a little more selling than here are my top reasons why I would recommend anyone to use WordPress:

WordPress is Free

Remember how your parents told you that nothing is free in this life? Well, they were wrong. The reason why WordPress is so successful is that it’s free to use. Other platforms make you pay for basic features that WordPress simply gives out of the box for free.

Besides, WordPress gives you a huge collection of plugins that can extend your website beyond the basics and make it a truly unique experience.

WordPress Is Extensible

I mentioned this earlier, but you don’t need to know anything about coding to build a very cool website using WordPress. Thanks to fact that WordPress has a huge community around it which means that developers constantly release new themes and plugins that make the process of building a website so much more enjoyable. Here is a brief explains what themes and plugins are:

  • Themes:  Helps you design how your website looks. 
  • Plugins: WordPress Plugins are there to help you add additional features to your websites. Features such as contact forms, popups, etc. Plugins can range from basic ones all the way to advanced ones that can add eCommerce capabilities to your website. 

Overall, there are currently over 50,000 different plugins you can add to your websites as well as tens of thousands of themes that can help you customize the look of your website. 

WordPress is easy to get started with

I’ve said this a million times, but WordPress is crazy simple to get started with. All you need is a domain name and a good hosting provider.

Most hosting providers, such as NameHeroInterServer, and FastComet, offer a one-click solution, which means that you can get started with WordPress with a click of a button!

Can I run WordPress Locally?

Heck yea! If you are more on the technical side, then I’d definitely recommend installing WordPress locally to get a feel for it.

The way to go about doing so is by either installing XAMPP or Local. I’d recommend going with Local simply because it makes the entire process very straightforward and easy, even for beginners.

WordPress Help Is Readily Available

If you are just getting started with WordPress I am pretty sure things might seem confusing at the first, but luckily there are plenty of blogs, forums, tutorials, Facebook Groups, and programmers that are there to help you in this journey. 

Some blogs I recommend checking out include:

How Do I Make Money With WordPress?

Great question. When it comes to making money online, many focus on building eCommerce websites, which you can do with WordPress by using WooCommerce, but that’s not the only way to make a good living online.

Another great alternative is to start a blog where you review products that you personally have used before and would recommend to others. This is what is known as affiliate marketing, which simply means you earn a small commission when someone buys a product from a link you provide them. I highly recommend checking out this blog post by Shopify that discusses this topic in more depth.


All in all, WordPress is an amazing tool that makes the entire process of building a website, blog, or eCommerce store a very straightforward process that will only cost you a fraction of what you would pay if you had hired a team.

Not only that, but many giant corporations use WordPress on daily bases to grow and maintain their businesses.

So to finish up here, if you want to start a blog, build an online store, or create a website for a business you just started, choosing WordPress should definitely be considered as the obvious option.