About us

Howdy, nice to have you here 🙂

eli sultanov

My name is Eli Sultanov, I am a web developer based in New York City who has been building websites since an early age of 10. Currently, I have a Computer Science degree and work in a cool startup building cool stuff.

I launched WebsiteGuides.org to help people discover great tools and avoid common mistakes when it comes to building websites, starting blogs, and launching online stores.

A note about links on this site

Some of the links on this website contain affiliate links which means that when you purchase through that link, this site might generate a small revenue.

This doesn’t affect the price you pay for the product, nor does it affect how I review and recommend products on this website. I will only recommend products that I believe will help you on your website-building journey.

In fact, here are the three pillars that this website will follow as a guide.


I have been building websites for a very long time, both programmatically and through tools such as website builders, which means that the information I’ll be sharing will be coming directly from personal experience.


Since building websites is literally my job, I can talk with the authority about everything related to websites and their creation process. Every product recommendation you see on this website has been used and vetted by me.


Lastly, let’s talk about trust. I will never recommend anything that I believe is total fluff because to me, my word is my honor, and if I recommend something bad, I will mess with my integrity which to me is a big no-no.